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We prefer to serve in the garden, if in garage please keep clear off all the storages and stuffs for health and safety reasons.

We need 30minutes for setting up the equipments before start serving the food.

Depends, please email us and we shall reply back, however there will be transportation plus incidental and miscellaneous charges which could be up to £6/ per mail, but all depends on the distance and other parameters.

Depends, please email us and we shall reply back, however there will be transportation plus incidental and miscellaneous charges which could be up to £6/ per mail, but all depends on the distance and other parameters.

Yes, we can cater in all above locations and in any location as long as you have the permission to cook food on site.

We can serve the food in the Garden, Patio and Garage or even in the Utility room or in your kitchen.

Sorry you cannot pack the food because we are there only to serve the food for the party, guest consumption only and not for takeaway.

Yes, you can serve food in your own plates but you will have to keep our staff updated about the plate count.

No, only Dosas, Vadas and some of the fixed items are made on site. Rest will be made and brought to the party.

No, you have to pay for the items you eat.

They are Mini Dosa (cocktail sized).

Approximately 400 people can be served with the Dosas in two hours time.Can make 4-6 dosas every 3 minutes.

The space when we put two normal sized tables (4 by 3).

You can pay the advance by cash or any major credit cards except AMEX or cheques or BACS but we accept ONLY CASH for the remaining balance amount on the day of party.

When you pay half the amount as advance and the rest you can pay on the day of party to the chef, once the party is over.

Provisional booking is just a piece of information. Your party gets confirmed only if you pay half the amount as advance.

It is your responsibility to put a marquee or a tent as a shelter. (Checking the weather prior to booking helps a lot).

Yes you can but £50 will be charged per extra person.

It depends on the number of Guest booked. E.g. for 40 people, 1 person.

Yes, you can add any food of your own interest but the price may vary. Eg.One extra food=£1 extra to your tariff.

Yes, you can request for Jain Sambar but inform us well in advance.

Standard Menu will have Idly, Vada, Masala Dosa and Plain Uthappam. Including Coconut Chutney (JAIN), Red Chutney (NON-JAIN) and Sambar.

No, it creates less smoke it is fire alarm friendly.

Yes, if you are happy with the service.

Yes, subject to availability, please email us to check the same.

£45 cancellation fee will be detected from your advance money and the rest will be refunded.

Yes, for a valid reason you may cancel the party but we detect £35 as booking cancellation fees.

You can pay the balance money to the chef who served you.

Yes, our food has nuts and flour ingredients .Please check with the management.

Yes, we bring disposable plates, spoons and tissues.

Every extra hour will be charged £50 per hour.

You can convey the number of people even one day before the event, still, if the number of people are less then you have to pay for the number you had conveyed.

Each extra plate will be charged as per the price quoted to you.

Yes, we need Parking at your premises for easy and efficient working .We do not want to be in a position to search for parking as it create unnecessary hurdle.

We bring Dosa Tawas, Gas bottles, Vada Kadai, cookers, charfing dish and food carriers and tool box.

It is highly difficult to take all our food and equipments through your front door because they are commercial equipments so they are very heavy to lift through front door.

Yes, we need an Ally way to take our equipments to your garden or we need access/way to take our equipments to the place where we need to do the cooking.

We take sufficient care of your home and premises but in an unlikely event we cannot take responsibility of reimbursement.

Yes, we would recommend you to cover the floor with cartons.

If not much there will be traces of food leftover and some oil spilling.

a. You will have to provide us a nearby plug point for power connection (240 watts)
b. And, a FOUR FOOT size table.
C. Empty space of 50 to 100 sf or 3 x 3 meters with cover on top.

We serve for two hours after the arrival at your premises (Excluding Half-an-hour for setup)

We clean the cooking place and it is not our responsibility to remove/clean up the left over plates or dining place.


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Veg Chennai Sri Lalitha’s most frequently asked questions.
If you still have further queries, you can call us at 020 8907 7737 / 020 8907 9299

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